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Drone Testing @ Hawkins

Our drones go through rigorous testing to ensure calculated autonomous decision making. We're on our way to finals!

Fall 2020 Update

Catch up on the current status of the team in the challenge.

Team Explorer: At home

It's normally difficult to get everyone into one frame, but now it's probably impossible. Zoom meetings aren't the same as in person, but...

The Urban Circuit

We made it to Washington and we're gearing up for the Urban Circuit, we're still making last minute updates and changes, but we are more...

Prepping for the Urban Circuit

We've been extremely busy preparing for our travel to Washington state for the Urban Circuit. There's been a little panic, some all...

Explorer Sparks

There is no rest for the wicked, so while everyone was enjoying a little break, we were literally making sparks fly. We plan on being...

Meet Andrew

Meet Andrew Wilson, our newest software engineer. Andrew comes to us from our gracious sponsors CNH, Case New Holland Industrial. Andrew...

Team Explorer: The Handlers

Every dumpster fire has it's fire fighters, for Team Explorer, that team is Chris, Peggy, and Nora. From day to day support, to...

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